January 17, 2018
Ohio Superintendent of Public Instruction Paolo DeMaria Joins Chiefs for Change Membership

Chiefs for Change CEO Mike Magee announced today that Ohio Superintendent of Public Instruction Paolo DeMaria has joined the bipartisan network of diverse, bold-thinking state and district education Chiefs. DeMaria has a 25-year record of public service for the state of Ohio, during which he has focused on school finance and promoting higher student achievement, college readiness and completion, and school choice for families.

“Bipartisan education systems leaders across the country are putting bold progress and unwavering principles ahead of partisan politics to help kids succeed. Today, another Chief joins our ranks. Paolo has strengthened Ohio schools, and I know his leadership will strengthen our network,” said Chiefs for Change Board Chair and Louisiana State Superintendent of Education John White.

Chiefs for Change now has 24 active members, 9 at the state level and 15 at the district level. 44% of members are women, and 56% are leaders of color. Chiefs for Change members lead systems that serve 7.2 million students with 435,000 teachers in 14,000 schools.

“Paolo is an experienced leader who has proven time and time again that he is deeply committed to educational equity and excellence for all students,” Magee said. “We’re thrilled that he’s joining the Chiefs for Change network and know that his collaboration with other bold leaders across the country will advance our collective mission.”

As Ohio Superintendent of Public Instruction, DeMaria supports an education system of over 3,500 public schools and more than 1.8 million students. “I admire Chiefs for Change members for their tenacious, steadfast leadership, and I’m proud to join them in a shared pursuit of equity and opportunity for all students,” DeMaria said.

Chiefs for Change now has 27 members:

  • Malika Anderson:  Former Superintendent of the Achievement School District, Tennessee
  • Katy Anthes:  Commissioner of Education, Colorado
  • Robert Avossa:  Superintendent of Palm Beach County Schools, Florida
  • Desmond K. Blackburn:  Superintendent of Brevard County Schools, Florida
  • Tom Boasberg:  Superintendent of Denver Public Schools, Colorado
  • Steve Canavero:  Superintendent of Public Instruction, Nevada
  • Christopher D. Cerf:  Superintendent of Newark Public Schools, New Jersey
  • Tommy Chang:  Superintendent of Boston Public Schools, Massachusetts
  • Veronica Conforme:  Former Chancellor of the Education Achievement Authority, Michigan
  • Paolo DeMaria:  Superintendent of Public Instruction, Ohio
  • Lewis D. Ferebee:  Superintendent of Indianapolis Public Schools, Indiana
  • Deborah A. Gist:  Superintendent of Tulsa Public Schools, Oklahoma
  • William R. Hite, Jr.:  Superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Barbara Jenkins:  Superintendent of Orange County Schools, Florida
  • Hanseul Kang:  State Superintendent of Education, District of Columbia
  • Christina M. Kishimoto:  Superintendent, Hawaii
  • Pedro Martinez:  Superintendent of San Antonio Independent School District, Texas
  • Candice McQueen:  Commissioner of Education, Tennessee
  • Kunjan Narechania:  Chief Executive Officer of the Recovery School District, Louisiana
  • Paymon Rouhanifard:  Superintendent of Camden City School District, New Jersey
  • Robert W. Runcie:  Superintendent of Broward County Schools, Florida
  • Christopher Ruszkowski:  Secretary of Education, New Mexico
  • Sonja Santelises:  Chief Executive Officer of Baltimore City Public Schools, Maryland
  • Hanna Skandera:  Former Secretary of Education, New Mexico
  • John White:  State Superintendent of Education, Louisiana
  • Antwan Wilson:  Chancellor of District of Columbia Public Schools, District of Columbia
  • Carey M. Wright:  State Superintendent of Education, Mississippi

View a map of all Chiefs for Change members.

About Chiefs for Change

Chiefs for Change is a nonprofit, bipartisan network of diverse state and district education Chiefs dedicated to preparing all students for today’s world and tomorrow’s through deeply committed leadership. Chiefs for Change advocates for policies and practices that are making a difference today for students, and builds a pipeline of talented, diverse Future Chiefs ready to lead major school systems.