Dr. Katy Anthes served as Colorado commissioner of education from 2016 to 2023. With students’ best interests as her top priority, Dr. Anthes provided high-quality support to districts and educators working to improve student outcomes.

Anthes joined the Colorado Department of Education in 2011 and also served as interim commissioner, chief of staff, interim commissioner for achievement and strategy, and executive director of educator effectiveness. In that role, she led the state’s effort to evaluate, support, and retain highly effective educators. Anthes was also responsible for rolling out the state’s educator evaluation and development system.

Previously, as a partner with the Third Mile Group, Anthes led and researched major education initiatives for state, district, and national organizations, including the Colorado School Leadership Academy Board, the Expanded Learning Opportunities Commission, and others. Anthes also worked alongside groups such as the Council of Chief State School Officers, National Governors Association, National Commission for Teaching & America’s Future, and American Institutes for Research.

Prior to founding the Third Mile Group, she had seven years of research, policy, and leadership experience at Education Commission of the States, with a focus on school and district leader effectiveness. Anthes holds a Ph.D. in public policy and a master’s in public affairs from the University of Colorado Denver. She completed her undergraduate work at the University of Oregon.